Our story

Our mandate as Eswatini Housing Board (EHB) is to enable Emaswati to own homes, whether through home ownership or just by having a roof over their heads through our rental units, hence our name given to us at inception Luphahla. We therefore strive to ensure that every Liswati has a fair chance of home owership through the provision of quaity housing products and services. We seek to enable the provision of sustainable settlements in all corners of Eswatini. 

EHB was established in 1988 through the National Housing Board Act No. 3 (the Act). EHB is a Category A Public Enterprise which reports to Government through the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (MHUD). As a statutory body, EHB adheres to the dictates of the Public Enterprise (Monitoring & Control) Act that establishes the Public Enterprise Unit, which monitors the apt functioning of all parastatals. The organization is run by a board of directors appointed by the Minister for Housing and Urban Development.

Our History

The story began around 1969 to 1978, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Mines established industrial areas in Matsapha, Ngwenya and Nhlangano to encourage economic activity and attract Foreign Direct Investments.
Employment opportunities generated increased rural to urban migration, leading to increased demand for accommodation. 1n 1975-76, Several private companies donated funds to the government of Eswatini for the construction of affordable flats for Emaswati employed in the industrial areas. During the period between 1975-76, several private companies donated funds to the Government of Eswatini for the construction of affordable flats for Emaswati employed in the industrial areas. Major sponsor companies included Mhlume Sugar Company and Simunye Sugar Corporation, hence the name ‘eMobeni’.

In 1978, The Industrial Housing Company (IHC) was formed by government to manage Mobeni Estates. In 1988 the National Housing Board was established through the National Housing Board Act of 1988. In addition to managing the rental units, the Housing Board was also tasked with providing affordable housing through the development and selling of land and houses in urban areas. 

Government charged a nominal rental for these units, which were managed by the Ministry of Works and Construction. In 1978, The Industrial Housing Company (IHC) was formed by government to manage Mobeni estates. The IHC then became Swaziland National Housing Board, which is now known as Eswatini Housing Board.

Our Mandate
The Board’s mandate is spelt out in Section 4 of the Act. It is to provide affordable housing generally in Eswatini and this entails property acquisition, construction and development for both rental and disposal purposes as well as the takeover of housing schemes at government’s  instance.  To fulfill this mandate, EHB has, since its inception, constructed rental accommodation for low and middle income earners and further developed townships where Swazis are afforded the opportunity to purchase plots and houses for ownership. To date, EHB has provided over a thousand rental units at affordable local rates within the densely populated urban areas and has handed over numerous plots on title deed land for development by Emaswati Citizens. We have also made available scores of houses for ownership by locals, which has ensured easier access to property ownership through our landmark township developments. EHB is also mandated by its founding legislation, to provide housing finance to Emaswati wishing to develop properties. To meet this mandate, EHB has commenced investigations into the  resources and processes that would enable it to realize its goal of property financing.

Eswatini Housing Board staff and management adhere to set standards of moral and ethical conduct ensuring that at each touch-point, members of staff offer high quality service to resident tenants and prospective home owners. As a collective body, we commit ourselves to adhere to the principles of good corporate governance, constantly referring to and aligning ourselves with our mandate, mission and vision, without abandoning our values which are at the helm of our existence. 

Our Mission 

To promote home ownership by providing quality housing products and services to the nation.

Our Vision

Sustainable home ownership through affordable housing solutions for the nation by 2022.

Our Values

Accountability   Commitment    Teamwork     Intergrity    Fairness     Excellence