Strategic Destination

Eswatini Housing Board aims to be the primary driver of all initiatives which relate to the promotion of home ownership among the citizens of Eswatini. In addition to promoting home ownership, EHB is working towards increasing access to affordable rental housing for Emaswati. Strategy 2023, which was implemented in 2018 targets to increase EHB’s overall product offering in order to improve the organisations value offering to the customers.

At the end of this Strategic period, EHB aims to have increased the number of first time property buyers (through EHB) by 15%.

1.Grow the business – Increase the range of products and services so as to improve our value to customers thereby ensuring the sustainability of EHB.

To acheve this, the Board has planned the following initiativese:

1.1 Establish a Housing Finance Unit -

As part of the mandate to promote home ownership in Eswatini, EHB found that a majority of the population is unable to access housing finance through the commercial banks. In order to tap into that value chain, EHB intends to establish a Housing Finance unit, which will offer nationals an alternative solution to that which is currently available, and often limiting to the average citizen. This unit will not only increase EHB's service offering, but will create a “one stop shop” solution for the customers. EHB will process all loan applications internally and further disburse loans and administer the over-all credit management aspect of the business. EHB has already obtained a credit license and the unit is should be operating during the 2021/22 financial year.

1.2 Incremental House Plans

EHB is also offering Incremental house plans to the buyer who has a dream for a specific house type, but is unable to afford the financing to construct it. This house plan essentially allows the buyer to design their house to completion, but built in stages, in line with the customer’s affordability. For example; the client design’s a three bedroom house, with two bathrooms; during the first phase of construction only one bedroom is constructed but an allowance for future development is made. This can then be expanded at the convenience of the customer.

3. Building Strategic Partnerships - To build and maintain strategic relationships to support the development of sustainable solutions for home ownership.

A nationwide customer and Stakeholder survey was also undertaken in 2019 with the aim to determine their perception of the organisation. The results informed EHB of the activities required to address any and all issues. A series of programmes were identified which are aimed at improving the Boards relationship with its customers and Stakeholders through the use of News-papers, social media, newsletters and the website.

The survey also informed the Board on the requirements of the customer, which are now informing our design and product offering moving forward. EHB is also actively working towards creating partnerships and knowledge sharing agreements with development partners.

3. Achieve operational excellence – Improve efficiency and productivity through efficient business processes, effective communication and skilled and motivated workforce. EHB is working towards ISO 9001 Certification. By the end of the strategic period, all EHB processes will be automated have service standards in order to improve the customer experience.